Tortilla Jokes And Puns

These funny tortilla jokes and puns certainly won’t get a bad wrap! Even if they do, it’s nacho problem anyway!

Funny Tortilla Jokes

I wrote a song about a tortilla. Well actually it’s more of a wrap.

I thought I dipped my tortilla chip into a bowl of cheese sauce, but it turned out to be honey mustard. It was a queso mistaken identity.

How do you say goodnight to a tortilla chip? Buenos nachos!

I finished writing my tortilla joke. That’s a wrap.

What kind kind of triangle is a tortilla chip? An i-salsa-les triangle.

I dropped some tortilla chips and some cheese the other day. My wife asked if I needed help to clean it up. I said don’t worry, it’s nacho problem.

I keep a spare grilled tortilla with cheese sandwich in my fridge. It’s a just-in-quesadilla.

What would I have if I wrapped ice cream in a tortilla? A brrrrr-ito.

You won’t go to prison for punching a tortilla. But you might get a wrap on the knuckles.

What do ducks love with their tortilla chips? Quackamole.

What sound does a tortilla chip make when sneezing? n-achoo!

What do you call a cat wrapped in tortilla sheets? A purrito.

A guy walks into a Mexican restaurant and takes a seat. Before he gets to order a his food, the bowl of tortilla chips in front of him says, “Hey, you’re a handsome fellow.” The man tries to ignore the chips and orders a margarita. The chips say, “Ooooh that drink is delicious. Great choice. You’re a very smart man.” Starting to freak out, the guy screams to the waiter, “Hey what the heck, this bowl of chips keeps saying nice things to me!” The waiter says, “Don’t worry about it, the tortilla chips are complimentary.”

Last night my wife said, “Honey will you go get me some tortilla chips and cheese?” I looked deep into her eyes and said, “I’m nacho delivery service. “

In queso emergency, please open a bag of tortilla chips.

What do tortillas sing at birthday parties? Fajita jolly good fellow.

I had to use tortillas while making an Indian recipe, but nobody seemed to notice. It seems my guests were naan the wiser.

If you love tortilla chips and cheese … Well I’m sorry but I’m nacho guy.

Did you hear about the tortilla factory that had ties to the mob? Turns out it was a shell company.

If a tortilla chip had a bad day what would cheese say to it? Boy, nacho day.

Did I ever tell you the story of when I woke up covered in tortillas? I had been keeping it under wraps.

I once had a traumatic incident with mince beef and a corn tortilla. To this day, I still can’t taco ’bout it.

Wanna hear some jokes about tortilla chips? Never mind, they’re too corny.

What rhymes with tortilla? I’m making a wrap.

What’s a tortilla chip’s favorite game at the state fair? Whack-a-mol-ey.

What does a tortilla like to listen to the most? Wrap music.

While making lunch today I was pretending to be on a cooking show. “First we take the tortilla and lay it out. Then we add the sliced meat, and veggies, dressing it with the red sauce by Franks. Add the cheese and fold it in on itself. ” … “Ok, that’s a wrap.”

Why’d the tortilla get such a bad wrap? It showed up to work smashed.

What do you call tortilla chips with guns? Loaded nachos.

Why does the tortilla chip always beat the potato chip in a debate? The tortilla chip has a point.

Dr Dre’s favorite vegetables are beets. He eats them in a tortilla because that’s a wrap.

What did the quesadilla say to the tortilla last night? Buenos no-cheese.

I feel bad for tortillas. They always get a bad wrap.

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Jokes About Tortillas

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