Dermatology Jokes & Puns

We don’t think it’s rash to bring you these hilarious dermatology and dermatologist jokes! They won’t get under your skin!

Funny Dermatology Jokes

I’m beginning to realize that my dermatological issues run deeper than I initially thought. Until now I was just scratching the surface.

Why did they have to cancel the adolescent dermatology conference? There were too many breakout sessions.

Why did the physician decide to go into dermatology? No reason, it was really more of a rash decision.

I recently opened a building with an exhibition of dermatological skin cases. It’s a real gallery of the fine warts.

In college, I double-majored in dermatology and dentistry. I graduated by the skin of my teeth.

I got the sack from the Dermatology Clinic for misdiagnosing shingles. Which I thought was a little rash.

Funny Dermatologist Jokes

My dermatologist was fired today. He made too many rash decisions.

Two surgeons are laughing during an operation when a dermatologist walks by.

“What’s so funny?” asks the dermatologist.

“Sorry, it’s an inside joke.” replies the surgeon.

I asked my dermatologist why she waits a month to diagnose a skin disorder. She said she’s reluctant to make a rash decision.

A dermatologist was studying new remedies for itching, but his lab burnt down. Now he has to start from scratch.

Why did no-one trust the dermatologist? He kept making rash decisions.

Dermatologists won’t tell you this, but I will. The number one cause of dry skin … is towels.

What kind of pants do dermatologists wear? Skinny jeans.

I’m too calm to be a dermatologist. I refuse to make rash decisions.

My dermatologist prefers payment in large bills. But all I have is shingles.

Dermatologists are not good people. Their care for you is only skin deep.

All dermatologists are in pore health.

Remember, kids… Always talk to your dermatologist before making any rash decisions.

I went to my doctor today for a check up and afterwards he told me my prostate was in peak physical condition. I thought it was a strange thing for a dermatologist to say but hey good to know.

What did the blind man say when he got a rash? I wish I could see the dermatologist.

If you’re looking for a meaningful relationship with a dermatologist, prepare to be disappointed. They’re usually quite superficial.

My daughter keeps making rash decisions. As a dermatologist, it’s all in a day’s work.

Why did the kid with the rash not go on a vacation? His dermatologist told him to apply the medication locally.

I hate visiting my dermatologist. He really gets under my skin.

As an amateur dermatologist detective this latest case has me stumped. I’m not too worried though alopecia it all together in the end.

What does a Dalek dermatologist advise? EXFOLIATE!

A dermatologist made a fortune selling skin cream and ran off with the money. Rumor has it he was last spotted on his way to a topical island.

What did the dermatologist say in prison that made everybody confused? “I don’t want to breakout.”

What is a dermatologist’s favorite aspect of the Harry Potter series? Quit-itch.

Hey doctor, can you take a look at this mole on my shoulder? Doctor: I’m a dermatologist, not a veterinarian.

A dermatologist walks into a bar and orders a vodka tonic.

He notices that the bartender has a patch of red scaly skin on his arm.

“Say,” the dermatologist comments. “You should really have that spot looked at.”

The bartender replies, “That seems like a rash statement.”

Dermatologists agree that itch relief technology is full of potential. So far we’ve only scratched the surface.

I went to see a dermatologist. I asked him to do everything he could to stop me from breaking out. He locked all the doors and barricaded the windows.

What did the dermatologist fortune teller say to the cantaloupe when examining a blemish? This is a bad melon-omen.

Dermatologists made pore decisions in life.

Where do roofers and dermatologists go to meet online?

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