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Funny Cereal Jokes

Have you heard about the 80’s pop duo who are now working in cereal distribution?

They’re haulin’ oats.

A 106-year-old cowboy in Texas recently passed away.

He was asked on his last birthday earlier this year his secret to longevity.

He told them that for the past 50 years he had sprinkled a little gunpowder on his cereal each morning.

He left behind 8 children, 21 grandchildren, 32 great-grandchildren, and a 15-foot hole in the crematorium.

Which is the number 1 cereal brand in Asgard?


What do you call someone who really likes to talk about cereals?

A keen oat speaker.

A blonde is working on a puzzle.

She calls her husband over and says, “This is the hardest jigsaw puzzle I’ve ever seen in my whole life!”

The husband responds, “What do you mean, honey?”

She says, “Well there’s a picture of a tiger on the box, but looking at all these pieces, I don’t see how in the world this is going to ever make picture of a tiger.”

The husband says, “That’s alright honey, let’s just put all the cereal back in the box.”

Police found a dead woman in a bathtub full of milk.

They suspect a cereal killer.

What kind of cereal does Ronda Rousey eat?


What’s a thesaurus’s favorite cereal?

Synonym Toast Crunch.

What’s the coldest cereal?


What were the founding father’s favorite cereals?

Chex and Balance.

What do you call someone who likes anime and eats one type of cereal?

An oataku.

What is the strongest cereal brand?

Shredded wheat.

How does Reese eat her cereal?


What was Hodor’s favorite cereal?

Raisin’ Bran.

What is an English teacher’s favorite cereal?

Synonym toast crunch.

How can you tell if your cornflakes are counterfeit?

You check the cereal number.

They found the murderer of Captain Crunch.

It was a cereal killer.

I just stepped on a cornflake.

Now I’m officially a cereal killer.

I tried out my new cereal bowl I made from paper towels.

It was tearable.

What celebrity is always ready for cereal?

Reese, with her spoon.

You shouldn’t put your expired cereals down the sink.

Because the sink might get Kellogged.

What cereal makes fun of you but doesn’t mean it?

We tease.

My cereal bowls suck.

Because they breakfast.

What’s a Mexican’s favorite cereal?

Special Que.

What type of cereal does your nan eat?


General Mills had to recall one of their most popular cereals a few months back.

There was a glitch in the May Trix.

What do you call it when you want to have the same breakfast every day?

Cereal monogamy.

What kind of murderer has moral fiber?

A cereal killer.

What’s a Brit’s favorite cereal?


My friend is addicted to taking pictures of his breakfast and posting it on social media.

He is a cereal reposter.

What’s Conan’s favorite cereal?

Cimmerian toast crunch.

Cereal Jokes

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