One Liner Jokes

If you like your jokes quick and clever, then you’re sure to love this collection of all the best one liners. They’re specially selected to only include the very finest quick, sharp laughs.

No groans or grumbles here, only top quality one liner jokes! Enjoy!

One Liner Jokes

A selection of funny Christmas one liners to celebrate the festive season with laughter!

Christmas One Liners

These Christmas one liners may be short but they’re also hilarious! Celebrate the festive season with laughter!

A collection of really funny one liners

Funny One Liners

If you like a good one liner, you’ll enjoy this collection of hilariously funny one liner jokes.

Another collection of quick jokes packed with even more hilarious one liners

Hilarious One Liners

Here’s another selection of even more hilarious one liners. If you like your jokes short and sharp, these are for you!

A collection of one liner jokes about life

Life One Liners

Life is short and so are these funny one liners about life. But the laughter you get from them will live long in the memory!

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Only the best one liner jokes made it into this collection!