Really dumb stupid jokes that are so stupid they're funny!Dumb Stupid Jokes

All jokes are to some extent stupid, but it's the really dumb stupid jokes that are often the funniest of all. To us anyway - what that says about our minds though, we're not sure! Anyway, we've brought together all our favorite funny stupid jokes.

We hope you enjoy them.

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What are you doing?

Did you know if you hold your ear up to a stranger’s leg…

You can actually hear them say, “What the hell are you doing?”

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Same Names

Did you hear about the drummer who gave all his daughters the same name?

Anna 1, Anna 2, Anna 3, Anna 4.

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Password Advice

Set your WiFi password to fourwordsalluppercase.

Then when someone asks tell them, “One word all lower case, four words all upper case.”

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Google Glasses

I asked my son what he wants me to get him for Christmas.

He said, “Google Glasses!”

I said, “OK, but I already know what glasses are!”

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Knitting Sheep

I read an article earlier that said it actually takes three sheep to make one sweater.

I didn’t even know they could knit!

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Elvis Tribute Act

I called to buy tickets for an Elvis tribute act.

It was an automated phone system which said, “Press 1 for the money, 2 for the show…”

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Free Wifi

I dunno what this WiFi dude did…

But I’ve seen a ton of bars and restaurants demanding his freedom lately.