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Peace And Quiet

My wife asked if she could have a little peace and quiet while she cooked dinner.

So I took the battery out of the smoke alarm.

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Calculus Professor

My calculus professor was 16 minutes late for his first class, 8 minutes late for the second, and 4 minutes for the third.

At this rate, he’ll never be in class on time.

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Birthday Gift

I’m trying to convince my wife that I want a Segway for my birthday.

But every time I bring it up, she changes the topic.

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Museum Worker

I was at the museum recently.

I asked a worker there if I was allowed to take pictures.

He said no, they had to stay on the walls.

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Suitcase Packing

You know what I love doing more than anything?

Trying to pack myself in a small suitcase.

I can hardly contain myself.

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Gold Prospector

One entrepreneur says to another, “I’ve just been in the Far East prospecting for gold.”

“Japan?” asks the second entrepreneur.

“No,” replies the first, “I used much more scientific methods.”

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Pizza Delivery Guy

Scientists have observed that when one pizza delivery guy falls over, several others also fall over.

This is known as the Domino’s effect.

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Last Name

“What’s your name?” the cop asked when he pulled me over.

“Steve,” I said.

“And your last name?” he asked.

“It’s always been Steve,” I said.

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Flat Earther

A friend of mine believes that the Earth is flat.

I challenged him to prove it by walking off the edge…

He eventually came around.

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Strange Disease

I went to see the doctor with a nasty rash on the top of my leg.

I said to him, “The strange thing is when I squeeze the pus out of the pimples, I hear pop songs playing”.

He said, “You have a severe case of spotty thigh”.