Salad Offer

At the marketplace, a seller advertises “1 salad for $3, 3 salads for $10”.

A customer passing by stops and speaks with the seller:

“That’s not right!”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, that’s not an offer: 3 salads cost $9.”

“No, sir, it says here that 3 salads cost $10.”

“I know, but if I buy 1 salad, how much do I pay?”


“And if I buy 2?”


“Yes, because 3+3=6, now what about 3+3+3?”

“That makes 9.”

“So 3 salads cost $9.”

“No sir, they cost $10, it’s written just over there, on that board.”

The client can’t fathom such stubbornness in another human being and proceeds to prove his point to the seller:

“Here, let me buy a salad.”

“That will be $3, sir.”

“Now, I’d like one more salad.”

“That will be $3 again, sir.”

“Finally, let me buy one last salad.”

“That will also be $3, sir.”

“How much did I pay you those 3 salads?”

“$3+$3+$3, you paid $9.”

“See? 3 salads are worth $9, not $10, you won’t sell many salads if you do it this way.”

“Yes sir, I’ve sold almost all my stock to people like you wanting to prove they’re smarter than me by buying 3 salads they don’t need, just to make sure they are superior.”