Which major airline is named after a Greek letter?

Question: Which major airline is named after a Greek letter?

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Delta Airlines.

The major airline named after a Greek letter is “Delta Air Lines.” The name “Delta” is derived from the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, which is Δ (capital delta) or δ (lowercase delta). The airline’s name reflects its origins in the Mississippi Delta region, where it was founded in 1928.

Originally, Delta began its operations as a crop-dusting service called “Huff Daland Dusters” in Macon, Georgia. The primary mission of this service was to combat the boll weevil infestation that was threatening cotton crops in the southern United States. It wasn’t until 1929 that the company transitioned into passenger services, and in the process, underwent a change in ownership and a move to Monroe, Louisiana. It was during this period that the company was renamed “Delta Air Service” in reference to the nearby Mississippi Delta region.

Over the decades, Delta has grown exponentially, acquiring numerous other airlines and expanding its routes to serve a vast number of destinations worldwide. The airline’s headquarters later moved to Atlanta, Georgia, which is now one of the busiest international hubs in the world. Today, Delta Air Lines stands as one of the major global airlines, recognized for its extensive network and service. The use of the name “Delta,” rooted in its early history, remains a testament to the airline’s origins and its journey through the annals of aviation history.

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