What is the length of a regulation snooker table, in feet?

Question: What is the length of a regulation snooker table, in feet?

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12 feet.

A regulation snooker table is a grand platform for one of the most intricate cue sports. Its dimensions are both impressive and essential for the nature of the game. The length of a standard, full-size snooker table is 12 feet. This, paired with its width of 6 feet, provides the large playing surface that snooker is renowned for, allowing for the strategic placement of 21 colored balls and the white cue ball.

The vastness of the table is one of the aspects that makes snooker such a challenging and unique game compared to other billiard sports. To navigate the 12-foot length and 6-foot width requires precision, control, and foresight. The expansiveness means that shots often require long reaches and careful planning, especially when trying to position the cue ball for subsequent shots.

In addition to the table’s size, its surface is covered with a fine, green baize, which provides a consistent and predictable roll for the balls. Surrounding the playing area are cushioned rails that influence the bounce and trajectory of balls that come into contact with them.

This 12-foot table is not just a playing surface but a centerpiece in snooker clubs and championship venues, serving as the battleground for epic contests of skill, strategy, and nerve. It’s on these tables that legends of the game write their histories and showcase the artistry and precision of professional snooker.