St Mark’s Campanile is a bell tower in which Italian city?

Question: St Mark’s Campanile is a bell tower in which Italian city?

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St Mark’s Campanile, the iconic bell tower situated in the heart of Venice, Italy, stands tall in the renowned Piazza San Marco. This architectural masterpiece, soaring approximately 98.6 meters high, offers panoramic views of the lagoon city, its intricate network of canals, and the surrounding islands.

The original tower, constructed in the 9th century, served not only as a bell tower, but also as a watchtower and a lighthouse due to its strategic location. Throughout history, it underwent multiple modifications and additions, including the insertion of five bells in the 16th century, each with a unique purpose, from signaling a session of the Senate to marking midday.

In 1902, the Campanile tragically collapsed, but was meticulously reconstructed to its original form and reopened in 1912. Its present, simplistic design bears the signature features of Venetian-Byzantine style – a sturdy brick shaft topped by a belfry, a cube, and a pyramidal spire with a golden weathervane in the shape of Archangel Gabriel.