Valentine’s Day Riddles

We’re sure that you’ll love these Valentine’s Day riddles and that you’ll be able to solve them if you put your heart into them! See how well you do. After you’re finished why not check out our other Valentine’s fun too, such as our Valentine’s Day jokes, our funny Valentine’s Day pick up lines, and our funny Valentine’s Day quotes.

A selection of brain-teasing Valentine's Day riddles

10 Fun Valentine’s Day Riddles

Good luck with these fun Valentine’s Day riddles!

I come in a box and melt to your touch, I’m a Valentine’s gift that’s loved very much.

What am I?


You can touch me and you can break me, but if you want me, you’ll have to win me.

What am I?

A heart.

I come in many colors, from yellow to white,

But come Valentine’s Day, giving red ones is right.

What am I?


I am famed as a sign of love and peace, from Noah’s ark I won quick release.

What am I?

A dove.

What binds two people together, but only touches one of them?

A wedding ring.

A little angel am I, carried by my wings.

With my bow and arrow, true love I do bring.

Who am I?


What flowers can you kiss?


I’m sent in an envelope on Valentine’s Day, containing the message you wish to convey.

What am I?

A Valentine’s Day card.

My mystery card I’m hoping you got, for though you don’t know it, I like you a lot.

What am I?

A secret admirer.

With endless loops that wind and wend, I represent love that will never end.

What am I?

A love knot.

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