Thanksgiving Riddles For Kids

Here are some rhyming Thanksgiving riddles for kids. Every answer has something to do with Thanksgiving. How many can you get?

A collection of Thanksgiving riddles for kids with answers iincluded

8 Fun Thanksgiving Riddles For Kids

Can you work out the answers to these fun Thanksgiving riddles for kids?

My fares were the Pilgrims as from England I did set sail, though the journey was harsh, my passengers I did not fail.

What am I?

The Mayflower.

Something orange and round catches my eye, it tastes delicious when baked in a pie.

What is it?


My color is yellow, I grow out in the field. You cook me on the stove once my husk has been peeled.

What am I?


This great sport the Lions and Cowboys play, upon each and every Thanksgiving Day.

What is it?


You must eat all of it at dinner, we don’t want any to be wasted. For it is so juicy and tasty, just so long as it has been basted.

What is it?


Black and white were our clothes when we were living, back in the time of the first Thanksgiving.

Who are we?


A fruit eaten with turkey this will help fill your belly, it’s great as a sauce and especially as jelly.

What is it?


We grow in the ground and can be mashed or fried, on Thanksgiving Day we are often eaten.

With the roast turkey and the cranberry sauce, we make a meal that just can’t be beaten.

What are we?


Kids’ Thanksgiving Riddles

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