Best Roofer

My son might not be the best roofer in the world.

But he is up there.

Broken Roof

What does a Jedi’s broken roof do?

Leak Skywater.

Gas Prices

You think gas prices are expensive, have you seen chimneys?

They’re through the roof.

Building Site

I was walking past a building site when the guy hammering the roof called me a “paranoid little weirdo”.

In Morse code.

Roof Damage

A storm blew away 25% of my roof last night.


Successful Business

I started a business building yachts in my attic.

Sails are through the roof.

Prayer Mats

I’ve started a company selling land mines disguised as prayer mats.

Prophets are going through the roof.


My wife just found out that I’ve replaced our bed with a trampoline.

She hit the roof.