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Funny Los Angeles Rams Jokes

How many Los Angeles Rams players does it take to change a tire?

One, unless it’s a blowout, in which case they all show up.

What do the Rams and the Post Office have in common?

Neither deliver on Sundays.

Where should you go if you are scared of catching a cold?

The Rams end zone. They don’t catch anything there.

What’s the best way to teach your dog to roll over?

Have him watch the Rams defense play a game.

What keeps L.A. Rams players up at night?

Nightmares about 49ers.

What’s the hardest thing about being a Rams quarterback?

The ground.

What was the football fan looking for in California?

The Lost Angeles Rams.

How are the Rams like lazy neighbors?

They rarely pick up a yard.

Why do NFL teams get excited about playing the Rams?

It’s like having an extra bye week.

What do L.A. Rams fans and house flies have in common?

They’re both annoying.

If you have a car containing a Rams wide receiver, a Rams linebacker, and a Rams defensive back, who is driving the car?

The cop.

Did you hear that the Los Angeles Rams football team doesn’t have a website?

They can’t string three “W”s together.

What does a Rams fan and a bottle of beer have in common?

They’re both empty from the neck up.

What do the Rams and a Chick-Fil-A manager have in common?

Neither one shows up for work on Sunday.

Did you hear that L.A. Memorial Coliseum had to be re-sodded?

That’s really sad when you can’t even get your own grass to root for you.

What’s the difference between the Los Angeles Rams and a dollar bill?

You can still get four quarters out of a dollar bill.

What is the difference between a Rams fan and a baby?

The baby will stop whining after a while.

How many Rams fans does it take to change a light bulb?

None they are happy living in San Francisco’s shadow.

What do the Los Angeles Rams and possums have in common?

Both play dead at home and get killed on the road.

Can an L.A. Rams player drive a stick?

Only if they remove the clutch.

What’s the only thing worse than a Los Angeles Rams fan?

A Los Angeles Rams quarterback.

How do you get a Rams fan to stop beating his wife?

Put her in a Patriots jersey.

What did the Rams fan say when his team made the Super Bowl?

Ewe have to be kidding me.

What did the Rams fan do when his team won the Super Bowl?

He turned off his XBox.

What do you call 53 millionaires around a TV watching the Super Bowl?

The L.A. Rams.

How do you keep L.A. Rams out of your yard?

Put up goal posts.

Where do you go in Los Angeles in case of a tornado?

The L.A. Memorial Coliseum. They never get a touchdown there.

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