Lame Jokes

Perhaps it’s just us, but there’s something hilarious about really lame jokes. Maybe it’s because they’re just so terribly bad and cliched that you just have to laugh – otherwise you’d probably cry!

Whatever the reason, we love them. And so here’s all our favorite lame jokes just for you… Try and enjoy them!

Lame Jokes

A selection of jokes that are really bad, so bad you'll have to laugh!

These really bad jokes are so awful you just have to laugh at them, otherwise you’d cry!

A collection of really bad puns so awful you just have to laugh!

If you like lame jokes, then you’ll love this collection of really bad puns!

A selection of so bad they're funny Dad jokes

These bad Dad jokes are so bad they’re good!

Looking for bad jokes? Here are some of the worst jokes ever!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, along comes this collection of the worst jokes ever!

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Collections of really lame jokes to make you groan!