Funny Skeleton Jokes & Puns

These funny skeleton jokes and puns are sure to tickle your funny bone! They’re perfect for adding a little humor to Halloween, or indeed any other occasion. And there are skele-tons of them, so enjoy this selection of the best skeleton jokes and skeleton puns…

Make no bones about these funny skeleton jokes - they're hilarious!

23 Funny Skeleton Jokes

What’s a skeleton’s favorite food?

Spare ribs.

Why are skeletons so calm?

Because nothing gets under their skin.

Why do skeletons drink lots of milk?

Because it’s good for the bones.

What do you call a skeleton who won’t do any work?

A lazy bones.

Why can’t skeletons play church music?

Because they don’t have any organs.

Why don’t skeletons like parties?

Because they have no body to dance with.

Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?

Because he didn’t have the guts.

Why aren’t skeletons brave?

Because they have no guts.

Who was the most famous skeleton detective?

Sherlock Bones.

What did the skeleton say to the bartender?

I’ll have a beer please, and a mop.

What does a skeleton use to call his friends?

A tele-bone.

What do skeletons say before they start to eat?

Bone appetit!

Why don’t skeletons each much?

Because they don’t have the stomach for it.

When does a skeleton laugh?

When something tickles his funny bone.

What’s a skeleton’s favorite musical instrument?

The trom-bone.

What’s a skeleton’s favorite song?

Bone To Be Wild.

How did the skeleton know that it was going to rain?

Because he could feel it in his bones.

Why did the skeleton want a friend?

Because he was feeling bonely.

Who won the skeleton beauty contest?

No body.

What kind of plates do skeletons eat off?

Bone china.

Why do skeletons hate the winter?

Because the cold goes right through them.

What do you call a skeleton snake?

A rattler.

What’s a skeleton’s favorite pop group?

Boney M.

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