Wet Floor

An old woman tells her husband that if he walks across the kitchen floor after she mops again she’s going to kill him.

The next time she mops the kitchen floor he does it again.

He gets the kitchen floor dirty and tracks water into the living room.

She does as promised.

Without saying a word she goes to their bedroom, gets his pistol out of the closet, and shoots him dead in his recliner.

Then she calls 911 and tells them, “I told my husband that if he walks through the kitchen after I mopped then I would kill him. He didn’t listen and I shot him.”

Emergency dispatch immediately sends an ambulance for the husband and a squad car for the wife.

The chief of police hears about the call shortly afterwards and thinks it’s a rather strange story so he drives to the house.

When he gets there his officers are still waiting outside.

He asks, “Officers, why haven’t you gone inside and arrested the woman?”

They reply, “Sir we can’t go in now. The kitchen floor is still wet.”

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