Out On The Balcony

A couple are feeling rather amorous and fancy a quickie but their son is in the house.

However, they can’t resist their natural urges, so they tell him to go out on to the balcony and look around and tell them what’s going on in the neighborhood while they do their thing.

So the son goes out on to the balcony and begins reporting back what he sees.

“It looks like the Baileys have got a new dog.” he says.

“Oh! And it seems that the Jones are moving out.” he says.

Then suddenly he shouts out, “Would you look at that. Looks like the Andersons are having sex.”

The couple stop dead in their love-making, and the fathers asks the son, “How do you know the Andersons are making love?”

The son answers, “Because their kid is out on the balcony too.”