Good Reason For A Raise

Salary raise joke from LaffGaff.

Funny Salary Raise Joke

A maid wanted a raise in salary so she asked the lady of the house, who replied “Give me three good reasons why you should get a raise.”

The maid said, “Ok. One – I can cook better than you.”

The lady asked, “Who told you that?”

Your husband” replied the maid. “Two – I can iron better than you.”

“Who told you that?” asked the lady indignantly.

“Your husband” replied the maid.

“Okay,” said the lady. “What’s the third reason?”

The maid said, “Three – I’m better in bed than you.”

This time the lady was furious. “Did my husband tell you that?” she shouted.

“No, the gardener did.”

The lady doubled the maid’s wages instantly.

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