Cardiologist’s Funeral

Cardiologist's funeral joke from LaffGaff.

Funny Cardiologist’s Funeral Joke

This world-renowned cardiologist sadly died. He was so famous he was given an extremely elaborate funeral that was attended by his fellow physicians, family members, friends and members of the public who he’d treated over the years.

During the service, there was a huge heart made out of flowers that stood behind the casket. At the end of the service, the heart opened and the casket slowly rolled inside. When the casket had disappeared, the heart then closed, sealing the doctor inside forever.

Everyone was very emotional and crying at this beautiful moment, except for one mourner who burst into laughter. Everyone turned to stare angrily at him.

He said, “I’m sorry, I was just thinking about my own funeral – I’m a gynaecologist.”

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