Fungi Jokes And Puns

As we’re such fun guys (see what we did there!) with good morels, we thought we fill as mushroom as we could with these funny fungi jokes and puns!

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Funny Fungi Jokes

How much room do fungi need to grow?

As mushroom as possible.

Toad was always my favorite Mario character.

He just seems like a fungi.

Why didn’t they let the fungi into the party?

There wasn’t mush room.

What do you call a fungi extremist?


What happens when two fungi get married?

They become fung-us.

What veggie should you avoid buying if your fridge is tiny?

Don’t buy any kind of fungi. They take up too mushroom.

What’s the difference between a Stormtrooper at a party and a mushroom being picked?

One’s a bad guy having a fun time and the other’s a fungi have a bad time.

Why does the fungus always win the argument?

Because they don’t leave mushroom for debate.

What do you call a giant mushroom?


Why was the mushroom invited to the party?

Because he was a fungi.

But if he was such a fun guy, why wasn’t the party at his house?!

Because there wasn’t mushroom.

A mushroom walks up to a tomato and asks him out on a date.

As the evening wears on, the tomato is just sitting there, not saying much and looking miserable.

“What’s wrong?” the mushroom says. “Aren’t you enjoying yourself?”

“I guess I’m just not a fungi,” says the tomato.

My son was dared to eat moldy bread.

He ate the whole thing! Man, He’s such a fungi.

Why does Mario prefer to hang out with Toad more than Luigi?

Because he’s a fungi.

A mushroom walks into a bar.

The bartender says, “We don’t serve your kind here.”

The mushroom says, “Why not? I’m a fungi?”

I am a fungi, but I still do not have questionable morels.

Why did the fungi family have to get rid of their old toilet?

There wasn’t enough flush room.

When mushrooms use Tinder:

“I’m a fungi looking for a fungal.”

I had this long fungi joke, but I don’t have enough shroom to type it.

What did the claustrophobic fungi say to his friends?

There’s not mushroom in here.

I don’t tell jokes about fungi for a reason…

Too mushroom for error.

Two leprechauns are in the forest and one starts eating mushrooms.

The other one says to him, “Are you having fun, Gus?”

Mushrooms are referred to as fungis because they are no truffle at all.

What do you call a fungi that makes music?

A decomposer.

Why didn’t the fungi want to go on a second date with the mushroom girl?

Because she had no morels.

What do you call a mushroom encyclopedia?

A fung-guide to mushrooms.

Did you hear the joke about fungus?

You may not like it at first, but it will definitely grow on you.

Jokes About Fungi

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