Cracking Easter Riddles For Kids With Answers!

These fun Easter riddles for kids will have you hunting for the answers!

Easter is a fun time for kids, with Easter egg hunts, the Easter Bunny, candy, etc. Make it an even more fun time for them with these Easter riddles for kids (with answers, of course)!

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1. Though I have no lock or bolt or key, treasure you will find inside of me. Made from chocolate and great to taste, you can be sure none of me will go to waste. What am I?

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An Easter egg.

2. A cute animal with four legs, it’s me who brings your Easter eggs. Who am I?

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The Easter bunny.

3. I’m fancy clothing to wear upon your head, or fill me up with Easter gifts instead. What am I?

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An Easter bonnet.

4. A fun game as you search all around, for hidden Easter eggs to be found. What am I?

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An Easter egg hunt.

5. I have a religious symbol and make a delicious treat. I’m often sweet and spicy and always fun for you to eat. What am I?

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A hot cross bun.

6. According to the Gospels’ holy word, this is the final meal that Jesus shared. What is it?

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The Last Supper.

7. We recall the Washing of the Feet, upon this holy day of the week. What is it?

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Maundy Thursday.

8. I flower at Easter thanks to cultivation, a Christian symbol of the Resurrection. What am I?

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An Easter Lily.

9. A symbol of new life, I’m yellow and fluffy. I’m oh so cute, although I’m a little scruffy. What am I?

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An Easter chick.

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