Who was the caretaker of Hogwarts?

Question: Who was the caretaker of Hogwarts?

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Argus Filch.

In the “Harry Potter” series by J.K. Rowling, the caretaker of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is Argus Filch. A grumpy and often disagreeable character, Filch takes his job very seriously and is constantly on the prowl for students breaking the school rules.

Argus Filch is a ‘Squib’, a term used in the wizarding world to refer to a person born into a magical family but who does not possess magical abilities themselves. This status leads Filch to harbor a certain bitterness towards the students of Hogwarts, as he envies their magical capabilities.

His responsibilities as caretaker include maintaining the cleanliness and order of the castle, a task he shares with the house-elves who work in the kitchens and do much of the cleaning and repairing. Filch is also in charge of punishing students for misdemeanors, which he seems to take a particular delight in. His constant companion is a cat named Mrs. Norris, who shares his penchant for spotting mischief.

Despite his gruff exterior and strict adherence to the rules, Filch’s character is not entirely unsympathetic. His status as a Squib makes him somewhat of an outsider in the magical community, and there are moments in the series where his loneliness and longing for magic are poignantly portrayed. Nevertheless, he remains a memorable character in the series, personifying the strict discipline of Hogwarts with his ever-watchful presence.