Which Street Fighter character was inspired by Bruce Lee?

Question: Which Street Fighter character was inspired by Bruce Lee?

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Fei Long (meaning “flying dragon”).

The character Fei Long from the Street Fighter video game series was inspired by the legendary martial artist and actor Bruce Lee. Introduced in Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, the fourth game in the Street Fighter series, Fei Long is a tribute to Bruce Lee, not just in his fighting style but also in his appearance and sound effects.

Fei Long’s backstory paints him as a Hong Kong movie star who leaves the film industry to test his martial arts skills in real combat, reflecting Bruce Lee’s own career as an actor and martial artist. Fei Long’s movements, cries, and nunchaku skills in some iterations of the game closely mimic those of Bruce Lee, capturing his distinctive style.

Bruce Lee, with his philosophy, charisma, and groundbreaking action choreography, had a profound impact on martial arts films and popular culture. His influence has been acknowledged in numerous ways within pop culture, including characters like Fei Long.

It’s worth noting that the influence of Bruce Lee in video games extends beyond Street Fighter. Characters in other franchises, such as Marshall Law in Tekken or Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat, also exhibit traits inspired by the martial arts icon.