What’s the total number of dots in the maze in the Pac-Man arcade game?

Question: What’s the total number of dots in the maze in the Pac-Man arcade game?

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244 dots.

The iconic Pac-Man arcade game, released by Namco in 1980, is one of the most influential and recognizable video games in history. Its simple premise of a yellow, pie-shaped character navigating a maze, consuming dots, and evading ghosts has become emblematic of the early era of arcade gaming.

In the Pac-Man maze, there are two different types of dots: small dots, known as “pellets,” and larger dots, referred to as “power pellets” or “energizers.” The main objective of the game is for Pac-Man to consume all of these dots without being caught by one of the four pursuing ghosts.

Let’s break down the total number of dots:

  1. Small Pellets: There are 240 of these smaller dots spread out throughout the maze. Each of these pellets is worth 10 points when consumed by Pac-Man.
  2. Power Pellets: Positioned in each of the four corners of the maze are the power pellets. When Pac-Man consumes one of these larger dots, the ghosts turn blue for a short period, during which Pac-Man can eat them for additional points. There are 4 power pellets in total.

Adding the two types of dots together, there’s a combined total of 244 dots (240 small pellets + 4 power pellets) that Pac-Man must consume to clear a level.

The significance of these dots goes beyond just points. The strategy of when to consume the power pellets, especially, plays a pivotal role in progressing through the game. Expert players develop patterns and tactics to efficiently clear the maze while maximizing points and minimizing risks. The game’s seemingly simple design belies its depth, which is one of the reasons why, even after decades, Pac-Man remains enduringly popular and continues to captivate players, both old and new. The design, gameplay mechanics, and cultural impact of Pac-Man have solidified its place in the pantheon of classic video games.