What is the proper name for an inkblot test?

Question: What is the proper name for an inkblot test?

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A Rorschach test.

The proper name for an inkblot test is the “Rorschach Test,” named after Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach who developed it in the 1920s. The Rorschach Test is a psychological assessment tool that seeks to analyze a person’s interpretation of ambiguous inkblot images.

The test comprises ten standardized inkblots, five in black and white and five in color. The examiner presents these inkblots one at a time to the individual, asking them to share what they see in the image. The responses are thought to reflect unconscious aspects of the individual’s personality and emotional functioning.

The Rorschach Test is considered a projective test, based on the theory that individuals project their unconscious feelings and thoughts onto the ambiguous stimuli. The individual’s interpretations of the inkblots can potentially provide insight into their mental state or thought processes.

However, the Rorschach Test has been the subject of ongoing debate within the psychological community. While some practitioners view it as a valuable tool for uncovering hidden emotions or internal conflicts, others argue that its validity and reliability are not adequately supported by scientific evidence.