What is a baby goat called?

Question: What is a baby goat called?

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A kid.

A baby goat is typically referred to as a “kid.” The term comes from the Old Norse word “kith,” which means a young animal or child. Once born, baby goats are often playful, energetic, and known for their curiosity, bounding and leaping about in a way often referred to as “frolicking.” Kids are born after a gestation period of approximately 150 days, and most breeds usually have twins, although single and triplet births are also common.

Newborn kids are remarkably self-sufficient. They can stand within minutes of being born and are able to follow their mothers almost immediately. This fast maturation is essential for their survival in the wild. For the first few weeks of their life, kids primarily drink their mother’s milk and start to sample solid food – usually grass or hay – after a week or two.

In agricultural settings, the terms “doeling” and “buckling” are used to differentiate female and male kids, respectively.

Goats, especially kids, have a unique charm that has gained them popularity both as livestock animals and as pets. Their sociability, intelligence, and playful nature endear them to humans, making them integral parts of many cultures and societies across the world.