What color are the eggs of the European Starling bird?

Question: What color are the eggs of the European Starling bird?

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Pale blue.

The European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris), a medium-sized passerine bird originally native to Europe and Asia, is known for its iridescent black plumage that shimmers with greens and purples, its lively songs, and its capacity to mimic various sounds. This species has been introduced to numerous locations outside its native range, including North America, where it is now widespread.

When it comes to reproduction, European Starlings are cavity nesters, often occupying natural tree hollows or man-made structures such as the eaves of buildings or nest boxes. One of the notable features of the European Starling’s reproductive biology is the color of its eggs. The eggs of the European Starling are typically a glossy, pale blue or blue-green in color. This shade is often unmarked, meaning there aren’t speckles or spots on the egg, which results in a quite uniform and easily recognizable appearance.

The blue or blue-green hue of the eggs is not unique to starlings. In fact, several bird species lay eggs of a similar color. The reason behind this specific coloration remains a subject of scientific curiosity. Some theories suggest that the blue color might help camouflage the eggs when laid in open nests, while others believe it might offer some form of protection against harmful UV radiation. Regardless of the reason, the sight of these pale blue eggs nestled inside a dark cavity provides a striking contrast in the world of ornithology.