Mount Elbrus is the highest peak in which country?

Question: Mount Elbrus is the highest peak in which country?

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Mount Elbrus is the highest peak in Russia. Located in the western part of the Caucasus Mountains, near the border with Georgia, it is not only the tallest mountain in Russia, but also in Europe. This makes it one of the Seven Summits, the highest peaks on each of the seven continents, a popular challenge for mountaineers from around the globe.

Mount Elbrus has two summits, both of which are dormant volcanic domes. The western summit is the higher of the two, reaching an elevation of 5,642 meters (18,510 feet), while the eastern summit stands slightly shorter at 5,621 meters (18,442 feet).

The mountain is notable for its gentle slopes and broad ridges, making it accessible for climbers of various skill levels. However, its high altitude, unpredictable weather, and occasional strong winds make the climb challenging and potentially dangerous.

The area surrounding Mount Elbrus is known for its stunning natural beauty, featuring glaciers, mountain rivers, and alpine meadows. It also hosts a national park and a popular ski resort. Despite its remote location, Mount Elbrus attracts thousands of climbers and tourists each year, contributing to the region’s economy and establishing its status as a notable landmark in Russia and in the mountaineering world.