In the Moonlighting TV show, what was the name of Maddie Hayes’ detective agency?

Question: In the Moonlighting TV show, what was the name of Maddie Hayes’ detective agency?

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Blue Moon Investigations.

“Moonlighting” was an American television series that aired from 1985 to 1989. It blended drama, comedy, and romance, becoming renowned for its unique mixture of genres and its character-driven storylines. The show starred Cybill Shepherd as Maddie Hayes and Bruce Willis as David Addison.

Maddie Hayes is a former fashion model who discovers that her business manager has embezzled all of her money. Left with few assets, she learns that she owns a detective agency. Initially, she plans to sell the agency to resolve her financial troubles, but upon meeting the quirky and often infuriating David Addison, who manages the agency and tries to convince her of its potential, she decides to keep and run the business.

The detective agency’s name was “Blue Moon Detective Agency.” The name “Blue Moon” is a clever nod to Maddie Hayes’ former career as a model since she was known as the “Blue Moon Shampoo Girl” from her modeling days in television commercials. David, always quick with a quip, utilizes this connection as a marketing ploy to retain the agency’s existing clients and attract new ones.

The dynamic between Maddie and David forms the heart of the show. Their sharp-witted banter, combined with an undeniable sexual tension, made for compelling television. As they worked on various cases, the line between their professional and personal relationships constantly blurred, leading to a will-they-or-won’t-they narrative that kept audiences hooked throughout the show’s run.

“Moonlighting” was as much about the relationship between its two main characters as it was about the detective cases they solved. Their interactions, filled with humor, heart, and plenty of disagreements, made the show a standout during its time on air.