In tennis, what is the next score after deuce?

Question: In tennis, what is the next score after deuce?

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In tennis, once the score reaches “deuce,” which means the players have a tied score of 40-40, the next point doesn’t follow the traditional 15, 30, 40 scoring sequence. Instead, the player who wins the next point after deuce is said to have the “advantage.”

This “advantage” means that the player is one point away from winning the game. If the player with the advantage scores the subsequent point, they win the game. However, if the opponent manages to win the next point, the score returns to deuce.

The process repeats until one player scores two points in a row from deuce, thereby winning the game. This rule ensures that a game must be won by at least two points. This system, while potentially prolonging the game, creates exciting, high-pressure situations that test players’ resilience and focus, adding to the overall drama and appeal of the sport.