How much does it cost to get out of jail in Monopoly?

Question: How much does it cost to get out of jail in Monopoly?

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In the classic board game Monopoly, a player can end up in jail for several reasons, such as landing on the “Go to Jail” space, drawing a “Go to Jail” card from the Chance or Community Chest decks, or rolling doubles three times in a row.

If you find yourself in jail, there are a few ways to get out. You can use a “Get Out of Jail Free” card if you have one, roll doubles on any of your next three turns, or pay a fine.

The fine to get out of jail in Monopoly is $50. You can choose to pay this fine on your next turn, or wait and try to roll doubles. If after three turns you have not rolled doubles, you must pay the $50 fine and use the roll you just made to move.

Deciding whether to pay to get out of jail or wait can be a strategic decision. For example, late in the game when many properties have been developed, staying in jail could be a safer and more cost-effective option, allowing you to avoid landing on an opponent’s high-rent property.