How many U.S. states border Mexico?

Question: How many U.S. states border Mexico?

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Four U.S. states share a border with Mexico. Moving from west to east, these states are California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

California’s border with Mexico is relatively short, only about 140 miles, yet it includes one of the busiest international crossings in the world between the cities of San Diego and Tijuana.

Arizona shares a 389-mile border with Mexico, and New Mexico’s border is approximately 180 miles long. The Mexican border with Texas is the longest, stretching over 1,200 miles and following the course of the Rio Grande River.

The U.S.-Mexico border overall spans approximately 1,954 miles, featuring varying landscapes from major urban areas to deserts and rugged mountains. The border is significant due to the cultural, economic, and political exchanges that occur across it.

However, this border has also been a focal point for debates and controversies relating to immigration policy, border security, and international trade. Different administrations have varied in their approaches to managing this border, but regardless of policy, it remains a vital linkage in North American geography.