Cryptic Movie Riddles

Are you a film buff? If you think you know your stuff when it comes to the big screen, check out these cryptic movie riddles. The answer to every clue is a famous movie. How many can you get?

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Cryptic Movie Quiz

Question 1: Best weapon.

A. Top Gun.

Question 2: Well-behaved colloquial men.

A. Goodfellas.

Question 3: Putting dots on locomotives.

A. Trainspotting.

Question 4: The absence of light with a soldier from the Middle Ages.

A. The Dark Knight.

Question 5: Furious male bovine animal.

A. Raging Bull.

Question 6: First number took flight over Swiss clock’s home.

A. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Question 7: Town inhabitant with slender stick.

A. Citizen Kane.

Question 8: Frightening film.

A. Scary Movie.

Question 9: Cease living before rigid.

A. Die Hard.

Question 10: Dad goes after the deity.

A. The Godfather.

Question 11: Insane greatest amount shortened.

A. Mad Max.

Question 12: The end of the world immediately.

A. Apocalypse Now.

Question 13: Crooning while the water comes down.

A. Singin’ in the Rain.

Question 14: Cab chauffeur.

A. Taxi Driver.

Question 15: A few enjoy information technology heated.

A. Some Like It Hot.

Question 16: Knife jogger.

A. Blade Runner.

Question 17: The one after the second guy.

A. The Third Man.

Question 18: Water supply hounds.

A. Reservoir Dogs.

Question 19: The expensive pursuer.

A. The Deer Hunter.

Question 20: Near meetings of the tertiary sort.

A. Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Question 21: The opposite of down.

A. Up.

Question 22: Strewn with boulders.

A. Rocky.

Question 23: The necromancer from down under.

A. The Wizard of Oz.

Question 24: Soft, wet, shapeless mass of books.

A. Pulp Fiction.

Question 25: Celebrity conflicts.

A. Star Wars.

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Question 26: Rear the one after one before the time still to come.

A. Back to the Future.

Question 27: Plunders belonging to Noah’s misplaced boat.

A. Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Question 28: Disappeared alongside the breeze.

A. Gone with the Wind.

Question 29: Murder a sarcastic feathered creature.

A. To Kill a Mockingbird.

Question 30: Quietness of the young sheep.

A. Silence of the Lambs.

Question 31: The first meal of the day association.

A. The Breakfast Club.

Question 32: The monarch’s daughter on the day of her wedding.

A. The Princess Bride.

Question 33: Distant advance.

A. Fargo.

Question 34: A timepiece mechanism with citrus fruit.

A. Clockwork Orange.

Question 35: Combat society.

A. Fight Club.

Question 36: Plaything fable.

A. Toy Story.

Question 38: The everyday people thought to be guilty.

A. The Usual Suspects.

Question 39: Everything concerning the first woman.

A. All About Eve.

Question 40: Well-behaved desire stalking.

A. Good Will Hunting.

Question 41: Courageous organ.

A. Braveheart.

Question 42: Man of noble rank belonging to the circles.

A. Lord of the Rings.

Question 43: Physically in contact with the liquid foremost.

A. On the Waterfront.

Question 44: A dozen annoyed guys.

A. 12 Angry Men.

Question 45: Spook apprehenders.

A. Ghost Busters.

Question 46: Out of money before rear elevation.

A. Brokeback Mountain.

Question 47: Fiery seats on horses.

A. Blazing Saddles.

Question 48: Every one of the head of state’s guys.

A. All the President’s Men.

Question 49: 24 hours after the earth pig.

A. Groundhog Day.

Question 50: The opposite of east border fable.

A. West Side Story.

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