Bumper Riddles Collection!

We’re big believers in the benefits of riddles here at LaffGaff and so we’ve put together a bumper collection of some of the best riddles ever. We give you some easy ones to start but be warned later on there are some really tough riddles!

Don’t despair though, because there are also plenty of kids riddles too! The answers to each section of riddles are at the end of the sections.

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Riddles For Kids

Here’s a selection of easy riddles for kids to start with. Children of all ages should be able to get these, with a little help if necessary.

Kids Riddle 1: What has a face and two hands but no arms or legs?

Kids Riddle 2: What can you hold without touching it?

Kids Riddle 3: How many letters are there in the English alphabet?

Kids Riddle 4: When does Friday come before Thursday?

Kids Riddle 5: What is found at the end of a rainbow?

Kids Riddle 6: What are the strongest creatures in the sea?

Kids Riddle 7: What has a bottom at the top?

Kids Riddle 8: What does not live but will eventually die?

Kids Riddle 9: What yes or no question can you never answer yes to?

Kids Riddle 10: What happens once in soccer, twice in football, but never happens in baseball?

Kids Riddles Answers

1. A clock.

2. Your breath.

3. 18. There are 3 letters in “the”, 7 letters in “English” and 8 letters in “alphabet”.

4. In the dictionary.

5. The letter ‘W’.

6. Mussels.

7. Your legs.

8. A battery.

9. Are you asleep?

10. The letter ‘O’.

A collection of easy riddles for kids of all ages

More Easy Riddles For Kids

Easy Riddles

Here’s a selection of easy riddles to get you warmed up before our harder riddles.

Easy Riddle 1: What runs through America and has five eyes?

Easy Riddle 2: What do a comb, a shark and a zipper all have in common?

Easy Riddle 3: Who shaves several times a day but may still have a long beard?

Easy Riddle 4: What do you put on the table to cut, but you never eat it?

Easy Riddle 5: A man was walking along the street without a hat or an umbrella when it started raining. His clothes were soaking wet but not a hair on his head was wet. How?

Easy Riddle 6: I dropped a fresh egg onto a concrete floor but it didn’t crack. Why not?

Easy Riddle 7: Two sailors are stood on opposite sides of the deck. One looks east, while the other looks west. Yet they see each other. How?

Easy Riddle 8: You draw a line with a pencil. Without touching it, how do you now make it a longer line?

Easy Riddle 9: What tastes better than it smells?

Easy Riddle 10: What can you throw but not catch?

Easy Riddles Answers

1. The Mississippi River.

2. They all have teeth.

3. A barber.

4. A deck of cards.

5. The man was bald.

6. An egg won’t crack a concrete floor.

7. They are facing each other as they look in towards the ship, not outwards.

8. You draw a shorter line next to it. The first line you drew is now the longer line.

9. Your tongue.

10. A party.

Tricky Riddles

Things start to get a little more difficult now, with these tricky riddles!

Tricky Riddle 1: A young girl lives on the fifteenth floor of a high-rise apartment building.

She gets home from school and goes into the elevator.

But she only rides the elevator to the eleventh floor and then takes the stairs up the last four floors. Why is this?

Tricky Riddle 2: I was running a race and I was in the lead.

Suddenly the third place runner overtook me.

What position was I then in?

Tricky Riddle 3: A man phones his wife from work at 6:30 and says he’s finished work and he is now leaving the office and he will be home soon.

He only lives about ten minutes away from the office. When he gets home at 6:42, his wife shouts at him and threatens to leave him if he does it again.

What did he do?

Tricky Riddle 4: After a long and tiring journey, your ship has finally reached your final destination – the sea.

However, there is no water to be seen, a fact you knew before you set off on your journey.

So why did you make the journey here?

Tricky Riddle 5: The mother asked her little girl, “If I add 3 to 10, what do I get?”

The little girl replied, “One.”

“Very good,” said the mother. “Now if I add 6 to 8, what do I get?”

The little girl replied, “Two.”

“That’s right,” said the mother.

What is going on here?

Tricky Riddle 6: Molly and Grace are sisters. Next year, Grace will be four times as old as Molly, but in three years time she will only be twice as old.

How old are the sisters?

Tricky Riddle 7: A highly infectious virus for which there is no vaccine is spreading across the world.

Every day, the number of people infected doubles.

If the entire population of the world will be infected in 15 days time, how long will it be before half the population is infected?

Tricky Riddle 8: Mr. and Mrs. Jones have 3 daughters. Each of the daughters has 2 sisters and 2 brothers.

How many people are there in the Jones family?

Tricky Riddle 9: Three men went on a car journey together. They drove 200 km at an average speed of 70 km/h.

When they arrived at their destination and started unpacking their luggage, they noticed that they’d had a flat tyre for the entire journey.

Why had they not noticed this before?

Tricky Riddle 10: How do you go from 98 to 720 using just one letter?

Tricky Riddles Answers

1. She isn’t tall enough to reach the button for the 15th floor in the elevator, so she presses the highest button she can reach and then has to take the stairs the rest of the way.

2. I was then in second place, because the runner who had been in second place hadn’t overtaken me so they were now in third place.

3. He went for a drink on the way home, he ended up drunk and he only returned home at 6:42 the next morning.

4. You are an astronaut and your ship is a space ship. You have travelled to one of the moon’s seas.

5. The little girl is learning to tell the time.

6. Molly isn’t yet one – she is zero and Grace is three. Next year, Molly will be one and Grace will be four. In three years, Molly will be three and Grace will be six.

7. 14 days. On the 15th day, the number of people infected doubles and the whole world is infected.

8. There are 7 people: Mr. and Mrs. Jones, their 3 daughters and 2 sons.

9. The spare tyre was the flat.

10. Write out the words for the first number and put an ‘x’ between the words, i.e. ninety x eight = 720.

A collection of really tricky riddles to tease your brain

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What Am I Riddles

Every riddle describes something, but what am I?

What Am I Riddle 1: I come out at night without being called. In the daytime, I disappear without being stolen. What am I?

What Am I Riddle 2: Everyone has one of me, but they always leave me behind. What am I?

What Am I Riddle 3: I don’t have wings, yet I fly. Sometimes you will feel me cry. What am I?

What Am I Riddle 4: I am higher without a head than I am with a head. What am I?

What Am I Riddle 5: Six letters have I, but if you take away the last one I will be twelve. What am I?

What Am I Riddle 6: You bought me for dinner but you never eat me. What am I?

What Am I Riddle 7: I’ve been around for millions of years but I’m never more than a month old. What am I?

What Am I Riddle 8: A fire at one end and a fool at the other. What am I?

What Am I Riddle 9: I have a bed but never sleep, a mouth yet never eat. Always running, never walking, often babbling, never talking. What am I?

What Am I Riddle 10: He has one and a person has two. A citizen has three and a human being has four. A personality has five and an inhabitant of earth has six. What am I?

What Am I? Riddle Answers

1. Stars.

2. A fingerprint.

3. A cloud.

4. A pillow.

5. The word “dozens”.

6. Cutlery.

7. The moon.

8. A cigarette.

9. A river.

10. Syllables.

A selection of what am I riddles

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Math Riddles

Here’s a great selection of math riddles for those of you of a more mathematical bent.

Math Riddle 1: How many times can you subtract 5 from 20?

Math Riddle 2: What do you get if you divide 40 by half?

Math Riddle 3: How can you add eight 2s together to get 250?

Math Riddle 4: Bill died on his 25th birthday. He was very old. How can this be?

Math Riddle 5: When my Grandma passed away, she left half of her money to my mother.

My aunt was left half as much as my mother.

My brother was left a sixth of my Grandma’s money and I got the rest, which was $1,000.

How much did my Grandma leave in total?

Math Riddle 6: I went to the shop and bought a new shirt for $45, including tax.

The shirt was $38 more than the tax. How much was the shirt without tax?

Math Riddle 7: What number do you get if you multiply every number on a telephone number pad together?

Math Riddle 8: It is my 25th birthday this year but I only turned 24 yesterday. How is this possible?

Math Riddle 9: Which three numbers give the same answer when they are added together as they do when they are multiplied together?

Math Riddle 10: If you add this number to itself, multiply by four and then divide by eight, you end up with the number you first started with. What is the number?

Math Riddle Answers

1. Only once. The next subtraction, you will be subtracting from 15.

2. 80. 40 / 0.5 is 80 not 20!

3. 222 + 22 + 2 +2 +2 = 250.

4. Bill was born on the 29th February in a leap year.

5. She left a total of $12,000. My mother got half which means my aunt got a quarter, while my brother got a sixth so all together they got 11 twelfths of the money. That means I must have got 1 twelfth of the money. I got $1,000 so the total left must have been $12,000.

6. The shirt was $41.50 and the tax was $3.50.

7. Zero. The number pad contains all the digits including the 0, and if you multiply anything by 0 you end up with 0.

8. My birthday is on the 31st December.

9. 1, 2 and 3. (Both 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 and 1 x 2 x 3 = 6).

10. Any number. This works for all numbers.

Are you a math wiz? Test yourself with these fiendishly difficult math riddles and see just how clever you are.

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Word Riddles

To finish, here’s a collection of puzzling word riddles.

Word Riddle 1: Which 5 letter word still sounds the same even after you take away 4 of the letters?

Word Riddle 2: What word can go before ‘bean’, ‘failure’ and ‘stone’?

Word Riddle 3: My first two letters point to a man, my first three letters to a woman. My first 4 letters are a great man, my whole is a great woman. What word am I?

Word Riddle 4: I am a great city that is three sevenths of a chicken, followed by two thirds of a cat, and ended with half a goat. Where am I?

Word Riddle 5: I am a five letter word, yet remove two of my letters and only one is left. What word am I?

Word Riddle 6: Which of the following is the odd one out:

A) Monkeys always try hard.

B) Men usually sing in choirs.

C) Fire really emits nice cosy heat.

D) Big red eyes are desperate.

Word Riddle 7: Can you explain the following:

I like sheep but I don’t like lambs.

I like cheese but I don’t like crackers.

I like beef but I don’t like cows or steaks.

I like jeeps but I don’t like cars or trucks.

I like putting but I don’t like golf.

Word Riddle 8: One of the words in this sentence is spelled incorrectly. Which word?

Word Riddle 9: Name a word that contains all of the 26 letters.

Word Riddle 10: What word can go before the words “china”, “dry” and “idle”?

Word Riddle Answers

1. Queue.

2. Kidney.

3. Heroine.

4. Chicago.

5. Stone.

6. D. For each of the other answers, the initial letters of each word spell out a school subject – math, music and French. The initial letters of D spell out bread which isn’t a school subject.

7. I only like things with double letters in them.

8. Incorrectly.

9. Alphabet.

10. Bone.

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