What To Text A Girl You LikeKnowing what to text a girl you like is very important in today's world. Get it wrong and you ruin your chances of ever developing a relationship with her. But once you know how to text a girl, it's one of the easiest and most effective ways of getting a girl to like you and to want to meet up. And the great thing is that it's not too difficult once you know the secrets.

What To Text A Girl You Like

Here are some tips on how and what to text a girl you like to maximize your chances of getting her to like you and agree to a date.

Keep It Fun

The single most important thing about texting a girl you like is to keep it playful. You should have fun and keep everything light-hearted. Don't just go ahead and declare your earnest and undying love for her in your first text!

Humor is a great way to break down the barriers. A good tip for when you first get her number is to add it to your contacts using a cute pet name and get her to do the same with your number. Then the first time you text her, she's sure to smile when her name for you comes up on her phone.

Teasing her is also a good tactic. Obviously, you should only do this in a friendly and good-natured way. When you tease her it shows her that you're confident when it comes to women, and all women like a confident guy. Just to reiterate, you should only tease her in a fun, playful way. Don't ever make her feel uncomfortable about herself.

Making fun of yourself is also a great way to get her to like you and feel comfortable about texting you. Again, be sure to do this in a light-hearted way - don't just put yourself down and make her feel bad about you!

Make Her Feel Good About Herself

Of course when it comes to knowing what to text a girl, teasing her is all well and good, but you should also praise her too and make her feel special. You need to let her know that she's made an impression on you and that you're thinking about her. Again, don't get all serious when doing this. Make sure you keep it playful and fun. Think of something beautiful or cute you've seen, and text her saying how it made you think of her, for example.

Don't Come Across As Too Keen

It's all very well knowing what to text a girl you like, but if you just bombard her with constant texts she's sure to get annoyed. So while you may be tempted to keep texting her, try to maintain a 1-to-1 ratio with the amount of texts she sends you. And when she texts you, try to avoid always replying straight away. Girls don't want a guy who seems desperate - they find guys who seem popular and unavailable much more attractive. This is another reason why poking gentle fun at her and keeping things light-hearted works so well.

Don't Forget To Escalate!

Of course, at some point you're going to want to escalate so that you actually end up meeting the object of your affections. If you don't do this, she's sure to start losing interest in you at some point even if she was initially attracted to you.

And when it comes to actually meeting up, make sure you let her comfort levels drive the meeting place and occasion. So if you invite her to your place for a meal or something and she suggests meeting up at Starbucks instead, go with what she wants. She's obviously not comfortable enough for anything else just yet. Don't pressure her to do something that makes her uncomfortable.

Don't Get Too Down-Hearted

No matter who you are, you're sure to get some knock-backs and also some girls who simply don't reply to your texts (well okay, unless you're Brad Pitt or something). It's important not to get despondent when this happens. Don't get mad and start sending her angry or abusive texts.


Knowing exactly what to text a girl you like is vital to getting her to like you back. Follow the tips and advice above and you're sure to have more success.

Are You Having Problems Knowing What To Text A Girl?

If you're having trouble getting girls to respond to your texts, then maybe you need a little more expert advice. Some of the problems you might encounter with your texting game are:

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  • She's stopped responding to you
  • You feel like she's stringing you along
  • You think you might have offended or upset her

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How To Text A Girl You Like

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