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Serious Opportunity

I said to my boss, “Can we talk? I have a problem.”

My boss replied, “Problem? No such thing, we call it an opportunity!”

I said, “Okay, I have a serious drinking opportunity.”

Surprise Me

I was tired and bored one night so I went to the bar to have a few drinks.

The bartender asked me, “What’ll you have?”

I said, “Surprise me.”

He showed me a naked picture of my wife.

Going To California

These two blondes were going to California for the summer.

They’re about two hours into the flight when the pilot comes on the intercom and says, “We’ve just lost an engine but it’s all right, we have three more so nothing to worry about. It will take us about an hour longer to get there, that’s all.”

A half hour later the pilot comes on the intercom again and says, “We’ve just lost another engine but it’s all right, we still have two more so nothing to worry about. It will just take us an extra half hour to get there.”

One of the blondes turns to the other and says “If we lose the two last engines we’ll be up here all day.”

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