Hilarious Jokes

Alice In Wonderland Character

I said to my friend, “My girlfriend keeps asking me if I’m an Alice in Wonderland character, and it’s getting really annoying!”

He said, “Are you mad at her?”

I said, “Geez! Don’t you start too!”

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Boy laughing at short funny joke

Solution To Erection Problems

I’ve been seeing my girlfriend for just over three years now and I’ve recently started to have erection difficulties.

We both have different ideas as to what the problem is…

She bought me some Viagra.

And I bought her a treadmill…

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Hilarious Jokes

Pampering My Girlfriend

I love to pamper my girlfriend after she’s had a stressful day at work.

I get her to text me when she’s leaving so I can get the hot tap running, swirl around the foam and bubbles and time everything perfectly so that the moment she walks through the door…

the dishes are piled up and waiting for her.

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