Funny Relationship JokesFunny Relationship Jokes

Funny relationship jokes are always engaging (see what we did there!), and none more so than this hilarious collection of jokes about relationships that we've put together. There's something to cover every aspect of being in a relationship.

So we hope you enjoy these funny relationship jokes.

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Latest Relationships Jokes

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Hot Coworker

After a long time, I told my hot coworker how I felt.

Turns out she felt the same way.

So I turned on the air conditioning.

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My wife always prefers the stairs, whereas I always like to take the elevator.

I guess we are raised differently.

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Day Ends In ‘Y’

A cute girl at work said she’d only go on a date with me on a day that doesn’t end in ‘Y’.

I said, “Great! I’ll pick you up tomorrow!”

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Sexy Underwear!

I just caught a glimpse of my wife wearing her sexy underwear. This can only mean one thing.

Today is laundry day.

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Mad Wife

My wife is still mad at me because I accidentally put superglue on her pen a few days ago.

She just can’t seem to let it go.

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It Could Have Been Me

I was crossing the street when I suddenly noticed my ex getting run over by a bus.

I thought to myself, “Wow! That could have been me!”

Then I remembered I can’t drive a bus.

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Getting Heavy

After kissing a girl on her sofa she said, “Let’s take this upstairs.”

“Okay” I said, ” You grab one end and I’ll grab the other.”

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Split Up

My wife and I have split up over my obsession with horoscope jokes.

In the end it Taurus apart.

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Bad Impression

My wife has kicked me out of the house because of my bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions.

But don’t worry…

I’ll return.