1D - Free One Direction quizFree One Direction Quiz

One Direction (or 1D as they're popularly known) are one of the biggest boy bands of recent years, if not THE biggest.

But just how much do you you know about them?

Find out with our fantastic free One Direction quiz!

One Direction were formed on which British TV singing competition?

And in which position did they finish in that show?

What is Liam's middle name?

Who's the eldest member of 1D?

In which year did Zayn leave the band?

What was the name of Zayn's first solo single?

Who came up with the name for the band?

How old was Niall when he auditioned for the X Factor?

What was the name of One Direction's debut single?

Which member of One Direction made a brief appearance in the British TV show Waterloo Road before finding fame with the band?

What song did Zayn sing during his original X Factor audition?

What was the name of Niall's debut solo single?

What is the name of Louis' son?

What was the name of One Direction's first album?

Which member of the band dated Taylor Swift?

One Direction Quiz

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