Funny Yo Mama So Ugly JokesFunny Yo Mama So Ugly Jokes

A sure-fire way to insult someone is to call their Mom ugly! So just in case you're in a battle of insults with someone, here's a great collection of Yo Mama So Ugly jokes for you to use...


Yo Mama so ugly...

even Hello Kitty said goodbye.

she gave Freddy Kruger nightmares.

she threw a boomerang and it never came back.

she had to trick or treat over the phone.

she made a Happy Meal cry.

the last time I saw anything like her face, I pinned the tail on it.

she went into a haunted house with tickets and came out with a job.

when she entered an ugly contest, they said, "Sorry, we don't allow professionals."

she made One Direction go another direction.

when she went to the bathroom, she scared the crap out of the toilet.

they changed Halloween to YoMamaween.

when she walks into a bank they turn off the security cameras.

she went to the salon and it took 3 hours just to get an estimate.

that even Scooby Doo couldn't solve that mystery.

she made an onion cry.

her reflection said, "I quit."

her birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory.

Satan died of fright.

she's the reason E.T. went home.

I put her face on a carton of milk and it spoiled.

that when she tried to become a model they said, "The hospital's that way."

she makes blind kids cry.

she turned Medusa to stone.

that when you play hide and seek with her, you're always the one that hides.

even her shadow ran away from her.

Yo Mama So Ugly Jokes

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