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Noah And The Snakes

As the animals left the ark, Noah told them to go forth and multiply.

After some time, Noah came upon two snakes who were just lying there sunning themselves.

So Noah asked them,”Why aren’t you multiplying?”

The snakes replied, “We can’t, we’re adders.”

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Speeding Ticket

I got pulled over for speeding by a woman police officer.

I almost talked my way out of it by telling her she looked stunning.

Then I messed up by saying, “And that’s not even the drink talking!”

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Trump And Hitler

People compare Donald Trump and Hitler all the time, but there’s one major difference.

Hitler was good at making speeches.

Rabbit laughing at funny joke

Red Bull And Coffee

This morning I made my coffee with Red Bull instead of water.

After 15 minutes of driving on the highway, I realized I left my car at home.