Funny Short Joke

Bank Robber

A guy walks into the bank, pulls out a gun and points it at the teller.

“Give me all your money or you’re geography.” he says.

The teller replies, “Don’t you mean history?”

The robber says, “Don’t change the subject.”

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Tennis Ball Joke

I’ve just got back from my friend’s funeral.

He died after being hit on the head with a tennis ball.

It was a lovely service.

Funny Short Joke

Carrying A Knife

I’ve started carrying a knife since an attempted mugging a few years ago…

Since then my mugging attempts have been a lot more successful.

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A Wake-Up Call

I asked the hotel receptionist for a wake-up call.

She rang my room and said, “What the hell are you doing with your life?”

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Read Backwards

I got an e-mail saying ‘At Google Earth we can read maps backwards!’

I thought, “That’s just spam.”

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Got A Light?

Today this guy at work asked me for a cigarette lighter.

I said, “Of course, give me your packet.”

He handed over his packet of cigarettes and I took one out and gave it him back saying, “There you go.”

“What’s that?” he said all confused.

I said, “It’s a cigarette lighter.”

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Goggle Box

My sister turned off the TV on me whilst I was watching it today.

After a few moments of staring at the blank screen, I thought to myself, “That’s not on”.

Funny One Liners


I walked down a street today where the houses were numbered 64K, 128K, 256K, 512K and 1MB.

That was a trip down memory lane.

Funny Joke

Funny Dog Poop Joke

I was walking along the street yesterday when I slipped in some dog dirt.

A minute later this big guy did the same thing. I said to him, “I just did that.”

He punched me in the face.