Really Funny Short Jokes

A colleciton of really funny short jokesIf we had to choose a favorite type of joke here at LaffGaff, it’d probably be funny short jokes. Maybe it’s just down to our lack of patience (or the modern malaise of wanting everything now), but for us you just can’t beat a clever yet quick short joke.

Anyway, check out our selections below and see what you think. And remember we publish a new joke every day, so be sure to come back regularly for all the latest laughs.

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Latest Funny Short Jokes

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Reggae Band

I used to play the triangle in a reggae band…

But I quit as it was just one ting after another.

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New Gun

I took my new gun to the range to try it out, but somehow it won’t work.

Now I have to read the trouble shooting section in the manual.

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Rent Free

Why do 9 ants get to live in an apartment for free?

Because they’re not tenants.

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Triangle Player

I would like to put on record my appreciation for those who who play the triangle in orchestras.

Thanks for every ting.

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Electron Thief

I was arrested the other day for stealing people’s electrons.

I was heavily charged, despite my victims saying it was an overall positive experience.