Really Funny Short Jokes

A colleciton of really funny short jokesIf we had to choose a favorite type of joke here at LaffGaff, it’d probably be funny short jokes. Maybe it’s just down to our lack of patience (or the modern malaise of wanting everything now), but for us you just can’t beat a clever yet quick short joke.

Anyway, check out our selections below and see what you think. And remember we publish a new joke every day, so be sure to come back regularly for all the latest laughs.

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Latest Funny Short Jokes

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Low Blood Pressure

My doctor has just diagnosed me as having low blood pressure.

He’s given me a prescription for two Ikea self-assembly wardrobes.

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Funny Word

Asparagus is a funny word.

It sounds like an Italian guy begging you not to kill someone called Gus.

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That Didn’t Take Long!

A man filed a report to the police that his bag was stolen.

Upon leaving the man’s apartment, the officer found the man’s bag at the bottom of the stairwell.

It was a brief case.

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Wheel Boss

I rang the bicycle factory and asked to speak to whoever was in charge of wheels.

The person who answered said they weren’t there.

I said, “Okay, who are you?”

They said, “His spokes person”.

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Alphabet Soup

When I was little my Dad used to feed me alphabet soup, claiming that I loved it.

I didn’t really – he was just putting words in my mouth.

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Hard To Cope

The only birthday gift I got this year was a deck of sticky playing cards.

I find that very hard to deal with.

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Probably Not Safe

It’s probably not safe for me to be driving my car right now.

But hey, bad brakes have never stopped me before.

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It Used To Be Free!

Remember as a child when air for your bike was free?¬†Now it’s $1.50!

I asked the gas station attendant why.

He said, “Inflation.”

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Learning Braille

I asked my Dad what it was like learning Braille, but he didn’t want to tell me.

I didn’t realize it was such a touchy subject.