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A colleciton of really funny short jokesIf we had to choose a favorite type of joke here at LaffGaff, it’d probably be funny short jokes. Maybe it’s just down to our lack of patience (or the modern malaise of wanting everything now), but for us you just can’t beat a clever yet quick short joke.

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Latest Funny Short Jokes

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Car Robbers

While driving to work, robbers jumped into my car and stole everything.

They were pirates of the car I be in.

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Strip Club

I went to a strip club at lunchtime today but it wasn’t open.

The sign on the door said, “Sorry, we’re clothed”.

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Bald Friend

My friend went bald years ago, but still carries around an old comb with him.

He just can’t part with it.

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High Maintenance

The female janitor at my building asked if I would chill and smoke some weed with her.

I said, “No. I can’t deal with high maintenance women.”

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Strange Brain

I finally figured out what’s wrong with my brain.

On the left side, there is nothing right.

On the right side, there is nothing left.

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I’m a masochist. There’s nothing I love more than getting up at 3 in the morning for a cold shower.

So I don’t.