Funny Kangaroo JokesFunny Kangaroo Jokes

If you wallaby a comedian, then you'd better hop to it and study these funny kangaroo jokes.

Of course, we had to jump at the chance to share them with you, and we're sure you won't roo the fact.

Anyway, that's enough puns - here's our favorite funny kangaroo jokes.

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What do you call a lazy baby kangaroo?

A pouch potato.

What's a kangaroo's favorite type of music?

Hip hop.

What do you call a tired kangaroo?

Out of bounds.

What do you get if you cross a kangaroo with an elephant?

Great big holes all over Australia.

Why do mother kangaroos hate rainy days?

Because then the kids have to play indoors.

What's a kangaroo's favorite season?


Why don't kangaroos make good sailors?

Because they're always jumping ship.

A kangaroo kept getting out of his enclosure at the zoo at night.

Knowing that he could hop really high, the zoo officials decided to put up a ten-foot fence.

However, they were amazed to find the kangaroo was out again the next morning, just roaming around the zoo.

So they put up a twenty-foot fence instead.

Again the next morning, they were amazed to find the kangaroo had still go out.

So they started to put up a forty foot high fence.

As the animals in the zoo watch this, a camel in the next enclosure asked the kangaroo, "How high do you think they’ll go?"

The kangaroo replied, "About a thousand feet, unless somebody starts locking the gate at night!"

What do you get when you cross a kangaroo with a sheep?

A woolly jumper.

What do you call an angry kangaroo?

Hopping mad.

What's a kangaroo's favorite type of clothing?

A jump suit.

How do sick kangaroos get better?

They have a hop-eration.

What's a kangaroo's favorite game?

Jump rope.

What do you get if you cross a kangaroo with an alien?

A mars-upial.

What time is it when a kangaroo hops on your sofa?

Time to get a new sofa.

What do you call an irate kangaroo?

A k-angry-oo.

What's a kangaroo's favorite type of candy?


What do you call a kangaroo in Africa?


What do you get if you cross a kangaroo with a cow?

A kanga-moo.

What's a kangaroo's favorite year?

A leap year.

Why did the kangaroo hesitate?

He didn't want to jump to a conclusion.

What did the mother kangaroo say when she realized her baby was missing?

Someone picked my pocket.

Kangaroo Jokes

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