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Every time I ask someone what the acronym LGBTQ stands for…

I can never get a straight answer.

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Shipping Magnate

If someone makes their fortune in ships, we call them a shipping magnate.

If someone makes their fortune in oil, we call them an oil magnate.

What do you call someone who makes their fortune selling fridges?

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Excuse My French

When I was a kid, my parents would always say, “Excuse my French” after a swear word.

I’ll never forget that first day at school when the teacher asked did we know any French.

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Different Clothes

My wife said she was leaving me because of my obsession with wearing different clothes every half an hour.

I said, “Wait, I can change.”

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Strange Job

My job is to drill holes in things and then bolt them together.

At first it’s boring, but later on, it’s riveting.

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Martial Arts

I saw a Korean martial artist holding out a basket of donuts. When I asked if I could take two, he said no.

I said, “Can I at least Taekwondo?”

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Relationship Game

My girlfriend said to me last night, “You treat our relationship like some kind of game!”

Which unfortunately cost her 12 points and a bonus chance.