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Broke Student

In college I was so broke I couldn’t afford the electricity bill.

Those were the darkest days of my life.

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Shopping List

My wife asked me to put tomato ketchup on the shopping list that I was writing out.

I can’t read a word now.

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State Of The Art

My Dad was bragging about his hearing aid.

“State of the art,” he said. “Cost me a fortune.”

“Awesome,” I said, “What type is it?”

“Two thirty,” he replied.

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Cannibal Date

I told my friend a cannibal took my sister to see a Russell Crowe movie.

He asked, “Gladiator?”

I said, “No, I really miss her.”

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A friend asked me if I knew anything about 1’s and 0’s.

I told him I knew a bit.

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Black Hole Picture

If you aren’t impressed with the picture of the first black hole…

You clearly don’t understand the gravity of the situation.