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Fly Killer

A man walked into a hardware store, picked up a can of fly spray and asked the assistant, “Is this good for wasps?”

He said, “No, it kills them.”

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New Gym Machine

I went to the gym and there’s a new machine. I used it for an hour and and ended up feeling sick.

Its good though, it does everything. 

Kit Kats, Mars Bars, Snickers …

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Friends References

I can’t believe that even after 15 years of the show ending, people are still making “Friends” references.

No one told me life was gonna be this way.

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Airplane Meal

I’m on a plane and the lunch choices are white meat chicken or German sausage. Unfortunately, I’m seated in the last row.

I’m hoping for the breast, but preparing for the wurst.

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Dream Job

I got my dream job today. I get my own 200 thousand dollar company car and a corner window with a view of the city…

Being a city bus driver is a dream come true.

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Gravity is one of the most fundamental forces in the universe. What do you get when you remove it?


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Time Difference

It’s a five minute walk from my house to the pub.

It’s a 35 minute walk from the pub to my house.

The difference is staggering.

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Mobile Phone Implant

My friend is so engrossed with technology he got a mobile phone implanted into his throat.

When his wife finds out she’s going to ring his neck.

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I told my wife that I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Beyoncé.

“Whatever floats your boat”, she said.

I said, “No, that’s buoyancy”.

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Government Offer

The government offered to buy my guns from me.

But after a thorough background check of the buyer, I’m not comfortable with selling weapons to organized crime.