Funny Joke

Family Meeting

I’ve just discovered the quickest way to call a family meeting.

I turned off the WiFi router and just waited in the room where it’s located.

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Funny Short Joke

The Sun’s Come Out

My wife shouted upstairs to me, “Hey, the sun’s just come out.”

I thought great, threw on some shorts and flip flops, grabbed the sun cream and ran down the stairs.

I was rather shocked when I got down to find my son holding hands with his friend Steven.

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Boy laughing at short funny joke

Look On The Bright Side

My best mate, Dave passed away yesterday so I went to see his wife today.

I said, “Look on the bright side, at least he’s not suffering anymore.”

She said, “He wasn’t ill, he died all of a sudden.”

I said, “I know, I meant being married to you.”

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