Try your hand at our great free English Premier League soccer quiz.English Premier League Soccer Quiz

Are you a whizz kid when it comes to your knowledge of the English Premier League?

Find out if you've got what it takes to be a champion with our fantastic free soccer quiz.

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When did Chelsea first win the Premier League?

What number shirt did Ronaldo wear when he played for Manchester United?

For which Premier League club did both Carlos Vela and Jose Antonio Reyes both play?

Who was the youngest player ever to score a Premier League goal?

Which player holds the record for the most Premier League goals scored for a single club?

Who was the youngest ever Premier League referee?

Which Australian played for both Leeds and Newcastle in the Premier League?

Which was the first Welsh team to play in the Premier League?

Who was the oldest player ever to play in the Premier League?

Which club did Theo Walcott leave to join Arsenal?

Which of these clubs has never played in the Premier League?

Which of these teams were not in the Premier League during its first season?

Who was the oldest ever Premier League goalscorer?

EPL Soccer Quiz

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